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ECE’s range of engineering services covers the entire spectrum of traditional and multidisciplinary trades including Architecture, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Material Science, Geographic Information System, Chemical; Computer Aided Drafting and Surveying.

From design planning, quantification and authorization to the procurement, we will organize, oversee and support you throughout every single project phase.

Our Engineering Services cover and are not limited to:

  • Concept and feasibility studies. Master planning.
  • Preliminary design.
  • Detailed design and visualization.
  • Engineering Analyses, Calculations and Costing.
  • Preparation of Construction Plans and Drawings.
  • Material and Equipment Specifications.
  • Preparation of Construction and Technical Specifications.
  • Bid Packaging and Solicitation.
  • Procurement Support and Expediting.
  • Constructability Review and Analysis.
  • Operating and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Land and hydrographical surveying.
  • Construction and Field Engineering Support
  • Engineering Drawings, Specifications & Contract Documents.
  • Civil and Structural assessments and expert opinion.
  • Custom mount designs.
  • Structure inspections, mappings and analysis reports.
  • Structure upgrades designs or retrofit designs.

Our engineering services span a wide range of projects scopes including but not limited to buildings, water systems, bridges, towers, vessels, roads, factory plant and equipment, power generation and transmission systems, renewable energy and HVAC.

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